Looking for a complete Ganesh Pooja experience? Explore our meticulously curated Ganesh Pooja Kit, containing all the essential Pooja Samagri List you need. Creating a convenient Pooja Samagri Box.

Make your Ganesh Pooja special with our all-inclusive Ganesh Puja Kit. Our Pooja Samagri Box has 25 pooja items all essential for your Ganesh sthapana, suggested by Pune’s top pandits. Thus you can easily buy the Ganesh Puja Kit online and have a hassle-free Pooja experience.

Puja samagri list contains :-

  1. Haldi – 10 gms
  2. Kumkum – 10 gms
  3. Ashtagandh – 10 gms
  4. Gulal- 10 gms
  5. Kesharyukt Chandan- 10 gms
  6. Bukka – 10 gms
  7. Gulal-10 gms
  8. Akshata- 100 gms
  9. Rangoli- 100 gms
  10. Kapus vastra – 1
  11. Honey bottle-1
  12. Ittar bottle-1
  13. Dhoop box -1
  14. Aggarbatti box-1
  15. Matchbox- 1
  16. Goumutra – 1 bottle
  17. Gulabpani – 1 bottle
  18. Janaeu – 1
  19. Naivaidya – Coconut piece
    Halkund piece
    Badam Piece
    Kharik piece
    Supari piece
  1. Bhimseni Kapur – 40 gms
  2. Vatti – Fulwati
  1. Aasan vastra
  2. Tyoharwale pooja vidhi book -1

Elevate your worship experience with our Ganpati Puja Kit, featuring premium quality items, as we at Tyoharwale ensure quality products let it be bhimseni kapur or keshar yukt Chandan we only look for high quality material that are a part of the Ganesh Pooja Samagri List. Our eco-friendly Puja Samagri Box ensures you have everything you need for a harmonious Ganpati Pooja.

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